Mississauga Carmeet

April 21 2014

    After eight months of university and that terrible winter a carmeet was exactly what I needed. This meet actually started as a couple of friends wanting to get together and blew up into what was called "The Mississauga Carmeet". Although it was a very informal meet it definitely wasn't a let down, everything from Supercars to Civics showed up and even a couple of photographers. The event was held at 115 Lakefront Promenade on April 15th with about 50 cars in attendance. The meet would have been a lot bigger but unfortunately we were shut down by the police for not having a permit. Even though the meet was cut short it was really fun to see some familiar faces, meet some new ones, and lets not forget about the cars!

    After we had to leave the venue some of us re-grouped in a parking garage. Below is a gallery of some of my favorite shots from the meet.

The DasMacht C63

    From a new Tuning company started this year the DasMacht C63, This one is tuned with the Eurocharged build giving it a power output of 555HP. Soon to be completely wrapped by Sekanskin we'll see how this bad boy looks for Ertefa in a couple of weeks.

The Nissan 370z

    With blacked out emblems, those rims, and a 3.7 liter V6 this car looks great at sounds even better. Theres nothing special about this 370z aside from it being turbocharged and producing 385HP, I just love Nissan's.

The HoonSquad FRS

    Going in a straight line seems to be an issue with this FRS, I guess thats why its HoonSquad. Hooning is a term made up by famous rally driver Ken block. Essentially it means doing burnouts, sliding sideways through corners, or anything else that isnt going in a straight line.

Stanced Silvia S14

    Finding a S14 in immaculate condition in terms of its body and under the hood like this one is nearly impossible in 2014. Especially because of how low it is I'd assume there would be some damage to the body but there is virtually none and thats hard to find considering its lowered on coilovers and not bagged.

The 1990 E30 M3

    This one was a fan favorite, the 1990 BMW M3. Along way from what M3's are now this one has a 2.5 liter inline 4 with 235HP, that is assuming its stock. Even though it may not be the fastest you have to respect the classics, and this is definitely one of them.

The Affalterbach C63 AMG

    This may seem like a normal C63 but its actually the Affalterbach edition. Some of the esthetic mods include Grey paint with red brake calipers, 19-inch black alloy wheels, carbon fiber mirror shells and a carbon fiber lip spoiler. Also, the car got a horsepower boost from 451HP to 481HP, this particular one this also Eurocharged.

R33 GTR vs S14 vs 1M

    I've already talked about this S14 but this shows you how low the car really is when pinned up against a R33 GTR and a BMW 1M. It's also a great shot of those Work rims and the S14's none existent tire gap.

The Convertible Audi R8

     A little late to the meet I almost missed this beautiful Audi R8 convertible. Doesn't matter what you are into you have to respect Audi's craftsmanship on this car. A loud 4.2 liter V8 producing 430HP paired with Audi's signature all-wheel drive system means lots of fun in this amazing weather.

The BMW 1M

    Far from stock this BMW 1M is nothing to take lightly. I generally don't like the 1 series from BMW but this one made me see the entire line of cars in a new light. We even set up a GoPro to catch some great sideways action. It may be a 1 series but its definitely not slow or boring.

Crafted with care by Amit Prabhakar